Sunday, 23 August 2015

New blog !

This blog is progressively coming down over the next couple of weeks as I transfer and update everything I think relevant onto the new blog via this link here. I'm still calling the new blog 'research notes' but still, it's a considerable write up of all the discoveries and much more too as I continue to work on History of Art and the 1880s London case. Enjoy :-) 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Part 2 Marie Jeanette Kelly escapes ... :-) .. Part two

Marie Jeanette Kelly escapes Whitechapel x 'Part two' 

You can access the post on Marie Jeanette and how she escaped Whitechapel according to the Belle Epoque artists via this link here. 


Monday, 15 June 2015


Over the past few weeks there has been a very exciting discovery showing definitively that the 1888 Royal family ( in particular Prince Eddy) were indeed very involved, and entirely innocent, in the matter of the 1888 Whitechapel murders. I will be blogging on all this later ( busy right now x ). :-) .. also interesting comment on the Olsson Inquest evidence, added to the post on Elisabeth Stride's identity below.  :-) 

Below, Prince Eddy wearing his wedding ring in 1887. 

Evidence being collected at present. 

The outline of the current situation in respect of the libel campaign against me and the legal stuff (click).