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A Brief Outline of the 2007/2008 Court Case matter

In 2007, my first blog, at, which I,
Felicity Lowde, called 'Streams of Consciousness', which exhibited my research work, and, in a peaceable way, told the story of much that I was being subjected to 2006-2007 during a malicious prosecution against me, was suspended by blogger on the basis of false allegations made against me to blogger by a malicious person, who sent Blogger a copy of a court order relating to a wrongful conviction.

  (The contents of my suspended blog is safe. That blog is only suspended; all the work is backed up, and it was also all printed out in the offices of lawyers, and is preserved today.)

I was falsely accused in a Magistrate's Court over an issue of 'cyberstalking'.  The British Crown Prosecution Service charged me with " harassment" which as we all know is a charge they and the police often fire at innocent people at random. The arrest was an abuse of human rights laws, and it was based on a prosecution fraud in the prosecution file submitted to the police, and via the police, to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). I was therefore completely innocent in the matter.

On a charge sheet the CPS are obliged to detailan allegation against a person. The formal allegation against me that ended up being written by the London Prosecution Service ( detailed on the police charge sheet) is very small: most people who've seen it think it's ridiculous that the matter ever went to Court. (
However, the horrific libelous noise and the abuse campaign being made against me in the Murdoch and Rothermere lead mainstream media (and on the web by various insalubrious bloggers) has continuously been, and still is, very large, ( though much of it has come down off the web since 2007)- and it's typical of the abusive British press at its very very worst and those who profiteer from it.
  The mainstream media reports relating to my case and myself are fictitious and contain highly abusive, shocking, malicious lies.
I was arrested in October and November 2006. My computer hard drives containing exquisite research work were seized on the basis of false allegations made against me . This caused me distress. I had been doing some research at the National Archives, the Tate Gallery, and at Special Branch police where I had been a guest researcher who'd been permitted access to archive material. I’m a research graduate; it was valuable, interesting research.

There were several groundless arrests in 2006-2007, all of which served to cause me significant and repeated alarm and distress.

Prior to the arrest I had been victim of Internet harassment and abuse for three years. It had often been horrific. I was the victim of "harassment"in fact, as extensive evidence showed and still shows.

On the basis of the malicious allegations made against me, which were abusively taken up by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, I was tried in absentia ( in my absence) in April 2007 by a District Judge (sitting in a magistrate's court) who is widely reputed for her human rights abuses. She found me guilty while I was absent, without considering either the case or her position properly, and, in consequence, I was later sent to jail for six months for no reason. The District Judge did not adjourn the case, despite my having made a request for an adjournment after being diagnosed with exhaustion.

No defence counsel was present at the trial , which took place in April 2007. Police/CPS had- in collusion with Special Branch police, (with whose permission in 2005-6 I had been investigating documents at Special Branch police as part of my history research) deliberately withheld from the defence, innocent hard drives from my computer which they had "confiscated", which I needed  in order to defend myself.

 Therefore full evidence did not go into court, I could not have a fair trial and the Prosecution got away with their fraud.

I did not neglect to hire defence for the trial in April 2007, but the defence I hired for that trial ( name of firm to be supplied at a later stage this year ) were in thrall to the Murdoch lead mainstream media, particularly ( NEWS INTERNATIONAL) who were involved in following the case prior to my being arrested.  

The solicitor in charge of my case, even though he was a partner at that firm, was arrogant and expressly avoided doing any preparation work on the case. He bunked off twice during the run up to the trial, withdrawing from the case and disappearing just four days before the trial, which was shocking and distressing.

These solicitors were Tuckers Solicitors, who at first got Neil Wallis off corruption charges, albeit temporarily, and have recently been defending Ian Wallis of News International at his corruption trial at the Old Bailey (click). 

Mine and many others' advice on these solicitors is that they are News International and corrupt police lackeys; don't go anywhere near. Obviously when I went to them I did not know anything about them. 

There were no reporters or journalists present at the 2007 magistrates court trial whatever. However, after I was found guilty in absentia (in my absence) the mainstream media, headed up by NEWS INTERNATIONAL went to work on massacring me for no justifiable reason. All the newspaper reports are fictitious and vindictive in the extreme. The only fact they got right is that I was 'found guilty' by a magistrate/District Judge and the papers didn't even state, most of them, that I was found guilty in absentia. I should never have been 'convicted' in a court of the allegations, it was a complete perversion of justice and a severe human rights abuse. I was very badly wounded by it.

Throughout the run up to the trial in the magistrate's court I was subjected to extremely serious and repeated police abuses, amounting to extreme harassment. The police frequently committed violent damage to my home, ( this was the subject of a criminal complaint and a correspondence to the Independent Police Complaints Commission / IPCC). Police also raided my home, sometimes in my absence ( also completely illegal) and confiscated and destroyed some of the evidence I would need to demonstrate that I had been harassed and abused and was in fact the harassment victim in the case. I wrote what they kept on doing on my then blog at called ‘Streams of Consciousness’. I also published on that blog evidence that I was being harassed and abused by numerous individuals.
That blog has now been shut down ( in late 2007), but I kept all the pages.

As well as being a victim of all the mainstream media abuse, I am victim of a long term harassment/sabotage and libel campaign on the Internet, some of the authors of which made themselves known all over the web in various 'triumphant outbursts'. Their claims are entirely false. Unity, Quarsan and Davide Simonetti ( who write for the web site 'Blairwatch') are among the main culprits- they and their Internet associates from various deviant groups often use pseudonyms on the Internet. 

One Daniel Hart, who runs a graphics company from a base in Oxford, was a main ringleader in all the perversion of justice and was and is responsible for horrific cyberstalking abuse towards me, incorporating numerous dreadful abuse blogs and various pages. He is a very obsessive stalker, harasser and slanderer/libeller. He has made many allegations about me which are entirely false. He has also made many false statements about me which he often "backs up" with fabrications and nonsense. ( And he wonders why no one ever believes a word he says.) In them he comes across as an iron fisted obsessed bully. He has roamed about my neighbourhood and pestered my neighbours as part of his various intimidation campaigns. The list of what he has done to me is very long ( and thankfully now in the hands of top solicitors as of this year 2015) but I won't burden this post with it. 

 These set up many cyberstalking and abuse pages on the web over the past six years, a great many of which have now been taken down ( but kept by me). The evidence spanning the very lengthy abuse campaign of this dreadful gang against me amounts to thousands of pages. One of the many strategies these people employ ( Daniel Hart in particular) is to go about the web writing anonymously, pretending to be objective critics of myself ( what they write are lies and slander) or pretending to be aggrieved victims of myself, which is an absolute farce and fiasco. They did ( and do) this because they know I am innocent in the matter. 
The allegations made about me in the Magistrates’ Court, then on the web and in the press are visibly false, libelous and abusive in the extreme. Such behavior obviously amounts to very serious harassment and a violation of article 8 of the Human Rights Act against me such that no 'reasonable person' could possibly mistake the matter. 
Straight after the trial in the Magistrates Court in 2007 ( when I was tried in absentia), even though I was physically ill, there was an horrific unofficial 'Wanted campaign' against me, which was an unprecedented example of Internent abuse and national Media abuse at its very worst and more than that, a serious Human Rights abuse which merits an investigation by the International Human Rights Court at Strasbourg and other courts. ( Here, a link to an explanation about article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which states that a person should not be subjected to "inhuman and degrading treatment.") Article 3 states that 'No one should be subjected to torture or inhuman and degrading treatment.' There were thousands of 'Wanted' notices distributed.

These are just two of the 'Wanted' campaign notices. The descriptions of me were/are expressly 'bitchy' and abusive and had no foundation in fact. (The photo which was lifted from my flickr web page was taken only three years before the 'Wanted Campaign.' )

The 'Wanted Campaign' was not carried out under the formal instructions of police at all. It was a horrible spate of bullying instigated on the Internet and taken up by the mainstream media in particular News International, who ran a two page spread advocating and recommending it, the Daily Mail and the Oxford Mail. It appeared in thousands of pages on the Internet on different blogs and websites, and in all the mainstream papers and many county papers. 

Officially on the 'harassment' case against me were just two PCs from Stoke Newington ( North London) who were acting up CID hoping to be instated in CID. ( As stated, the allegation on the charge sheet is tiny, and it was constructed on the basis of a prosecution fraud handed to the police and via the police to the CPS). 

The Met police officially turned a blind eye while the 'Wanted Campaign' was carried out by abusers on the Internet who operated with the full support of a mainstream media assault on me headed up by NEWS INTERNATIONAL. It was an extreme hate campaign, and it was entirely unlawful. There were thousands of pages full of abuse printed on the web accompanying these 'Wanted' notices. There was a huge two page, double spread promotion of the unlawful 'Wanted Campaign' in the Times Newspaper ( NEWS INTERNATIONAL). It was also promoted in the Sun, the NOTW, the Oxford Mail, the Daily Mail, who were and are extremely libellous and abusive, The Express, The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, The Evening Standard and the Metro and many other papers, magazines and outlets who ran with it indiscriminately because the abusive mainstream media promo been first put into the mainstream media by NEWS INTERNATIONAL ( 75 media outlets in total approx).

It was the most hurtful and frightening thing. I felt totally violated, terrorized, hated just for being a living human being. It was the worst bullying I think I have ever seen happening, and I was on the receiving end of it all. I also received a huge amount of dreadful anonymous messages such as e.g. 'crawl under a rock and die' etc. during this time.

The many abusive people who carried this 'Wanted Campaign' out have no sense of shame. There were a lot of Conservative and other political bloggers contributing to the abusive 'Wanted Campaign' and other Internet abuses, too.

There were people from the so-named 'Ripperologists' websites who were extremely abusive throughout this matter, on the Internet and elsewhere. Their behaviour was appalling. Some of the the 'ripperologists' ( but by no means all) seek to destroy those who do not agree with their esoteric, redundant views on the Whitechapel murder case. Such have no understanding of either Special Branch police methods or fine art.

Mostly, as far as the mainstream media involvement was concerned, ambitions were politics, assisting abusive police, making quick sales, and the fact that the British media and the British police like to abuse and prey on vulnerable people. Media executives and editors supporting the abusive campaign against me were those at the Times and its annex the Sunday Times, ( Murdoch), the Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail, and they were ensuite supported by many abusive others, including people at the BBC and the Guardian ( who were one of the first to write) and the Mail on Sunday. The Independent Newspaper which states it is never subject to proprietorial or political influence was not involved in this affair and did not participate in the 'Wanted Campaign' and the associated abuse.

The widespread national press abuse was particularly vitriolic, abusive. The Daily Mail was atrocious. Wild statements were made by a mob of 'anonymous commenters' beneath these mainstream media articles, who were making utterly false claims that I was e.g. a 'whore' an 'a member of the IRA' and had 'become extremely ugly' etc. etc.. These comments boxes were published and maintained by the Oxford Mail and the Daily Mail and News International papers. Astonishingly malicious. While I was in London, during the unauthorized 'Wanted Campaign' against me, one newspaper, the 'Oxford Mail' , whose behavior was particularly appalling, ran a huge front page titled 'SHOW NO MERCY' in capital letters (after the trial that took place in my absence). The newspaper encouraged people to loot my home. My son was there on his own when people did and he has been scarred for life by this matter.

Freedom of Speech is an essential human right under Article 10 of the UK Human Rights Act which derives from human rights laws established in Europe over the past century. The abusive conviction and court order also clearly implied and certified that I ought to be abused and persecuted and that I had therefore no right as a human being to Article 8 or article 3 of the Human Rights Act.

Sentence was passed down in June 2007 by a magistrate colleague of the woman magistrate who delivered abusive conviction/verdict. The court order attached to the conviction forbade me from writing " in any media" about significant detail pertaining to the injustices I have suffered. It is a complete Human Rights abuse.

The case was first appealed in the Crown Court at Snaresbrook, at the edge of greater London.
For this appeal The Crown Prosecution Service were represented by an obsessive, nit picking purportedly personality disordered Italian barrister, Fabio Vitiello, whose behavior, obsessions and theories about people are totally removed from reality. The CPS hired him expressly for the purpose. He is well known in the legal profession and this is everyone's professed opinion of him ( among people I have met.) Dear knows what he is doing in London.
For this first appeal I instructed Hickman and Rose, purported Human Rights specialists, in London. I mistakenly gave them my case. At the time I entrusted them with the work I did not know that Ben Rose and Daniel Machover, partners of that firm, wrote regularly for NEWS INTERNATIONAL.

From August 2007 – May 2008, for the first appeal, I had solicitor Mr. Noam Almaz, from Hickman and Rose, a gentle and good man who worked hard. I made this recommendation about him on the 'Good Lawyer Guide.' Mr. Noam Almaz was good for five months, exactly as described on the guide by myself and others, and stood up for me against injustice, putting his name and his time to a great deal of very helpful work for me, which the courts have never seen. However sadly the story of my dealings with Noam Almaz is not the full story of my dealings with Hickman and Rose. Throughout August 2007-May 2008 Noam Almaz and I received no support from the firm partners or the civil department at at Hickman and Rose who were thinking about their PR relations with national newspapers, NEWS INTERNATIONAL and THE DAILY MAIL in particular. This was very burdensome for both myself and Mr. Almaz. The Crown Prosecution Service were very abusive to Mr. Almaz and behaved disgracefully.

Sadly I was let down during the appeal case hearing by trial advocate Desmond O'Reilly, ( then attached to Hickman and Rose as their adviser) a solicitor advocate who represented me at the appeal instead of a barrister. In Mr. Noam Almaz's absence, this man refused to mention my carefully accumulated evidence in Court or put defence evidence into Court during the appeal hearing . He persistently neglected to ask essential questions in cross questioning, fought me when I tried to introduce defence evidence when I was on the stand, and abused the appeal preparation work that Mr Almaz and Myself had carried out in many other ways, too. I felt this was abusive and treacherous.

The item below regarding the Chief Commissioner's office was written over three years ago, during the run up to the appeal hearing August 2007-May 2008, while I was working on the first appeal case with Mr. Noam Almaz.

In 2007 I wrote: 'I am also being sued by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police's office, whose Special Branch department ought to have made the documents that I was researching, which are on my hard drives, available to the public under the' thirty-year rule'. They seek a gagging order, to prevent me putting my research in the public domain. They police are in the wrong, because they should have revealed the documents they are seeking to suppress, to the public long ago. The Commissioner's office ( & Metropolitan Police Special Branch in the case) wants to interfere with my hard drives, and extract evidence from them relating to my research while the re-trial in the Crown Court is going on. It is attempting to get an order permitting this, from Chancery Lane.' ( That case is no longer live and I was not pursued by the Met for £50,000.00 - which is what their documents were originally asking me for after I'd been made homeless. 

During the course of my research as a guest history researcher at offices provided by Special Branch police I had access to historical Special Branch police documents which as well as containing matter of great historical interest, happened to contain sensitive information about many diverse police informants of times past. I did not seek to disclose the information about the informants. People with this information have been victims of phone and computer hacking by NEWS INTERNATIONAL. 

Between the trial in the magistrates court and the sentencing hearing, while the press went on their rampage in 2007, headed up by NEWS INTERNATIONAL, I received numerous intimidating texts sent to my private mobile and lots of anonymous calls.

During the time leading up to my appeal case hearing of May 2008, even though I was with Hickman and Rose, it was impossible to get any assistance with the concurrent civil matter outlined above ( between myself and Special Branch police about documents which should have been released to the public) due to the prevalence of collusion among some prominent law firms who all advertise that they take action against police misconduct and human rights abuses. They were all keen to maintain their PR relationships with national newspapers and with certain others with strong relationships with the News International based Media. 

Noam Almaz did ask Hickman and Rose Civil department to help me, ( Anna Crawford and Daniel Machover) and assistant solicitors from Hickman and Rose who advertise freedom of speech interest, including Anna Mazzola. Then he asked Bhatt Murphy, Megan Phillips, who couldn't be doing with helping out someone who was suffering. They all refused to help, as did other solicitors from other firms - they refused me help in person, I think, because they were focused on maintaining their relationships with NEWS INTERNATIONAL, or at least, they were hedging their bets on Murdoch and very influenced by NEWS INTERNATIONAL. Many of them refused by email, some inquiring as to why Hickman and Rose were not giving assistance with the civil case as they should? The civil department at Hickman and Rose is run by partner there Daniel Machover who on those days wrote for NEWS INTERNATIONAL.

Here you can see that Daniel Machover, head of Civil law at Hickman and Rose, writes regularly for the Guardian. He also writes for NEWS INTERNATIONAL. Daniel Machover is a regular writer for the Times Newspaper, ( News International) as is Ben Rose. In my opinion an ethical and morally upright lawyer just can't do law and work for the media at the same time. There will inevitably arise conflict of interest dilemmas at the very least- on principle- and these lawyers were associated with NEWS INTERNATIONAL. Guy Vassall Adams of Doughty Street Chambers, close associate of Daniel Machover and Ben Rose, who regularly defends NEWS INTERNATIONAL and associated papers, also wrote for the Sunday Times. Anna Mazzola, the lawyer there who liaises with the media, continuously liaises with the DAILY MAIL, as does her colleague at Bhatt Murphy, Megan Phillips.
In my humble, experiential opinion, it is utterly inappropriate and unethical for lawyers involved in all cases, particularly criminal defence cases, cases against the police, and human rights cases, to be concurrently working for the Media.

Hickman and Rose blocked any help for Noam Almaz or myself in the first appeal matter and the related civil matter and left us struggling.
From the trial in absentia of May 2007 onwards, I suffered many things, namely: the abusive 'Wanted campaign', the stress of extreme press libel and abuse and the continued stress of extreme internet harassment, looting of my house by vandals, which was encouraged by the newspapers, house repossession as a result of proceedings, severe enforced homelessness in the streets of London, repeated hounding by police on the basis of renewed false allegations from which were later thrown out of court, breakages in my limbs due to stress and illness which were treated in hospital, the beginnings of cancer cells due to the stress inflicted on me, worry about my research which I had loved, worry about my Dad ( a precious Churchill's Secret Army veteran who was suffering ill health) and sadness and concern about my son, who grew up a fatherless boy, who has been severely wounded by this matter- to name a few things. I was in a lot of physical pain- being on crutches in homeless London was very hard in the circumstances. I remember when I was first given them by the hospital, and how I walked a long praying 'Help me, help me, please,' to God.

I remember on of the most frightening incidences ( in 2008) was being approached and threatened with my life over a period of three days, by a guy who claimed he had once worked as an assassin for the 'Security Services in Ireland'. He never explained who hired him. 
Mr. Desmond O'Reilly, who Noam had hired as trial counsel, took advantage of Noam Almaz' absence and vindictively sabotaged the appeal case hearing. 
The Media are very guilty in this affair. But Magistrates and Judges should know better than to play up to the Media. The District Judge ( sitting as a Magistrate) who tried me in my absence in 2007, who did not look at the case evidence properly, was very evidently playing up to the mainstream media in her verdict and her behaviour in order to protect what she perceived as her own interests. The appeal case judge for the first appeal was all for the defence on the first day of the appeal saying things like ' Is this the height of the prosecution case?' and laughing at the prosecution. Then, overnight, he got a phone call, went and saw the media lies and abuse on the web, then went to town on undermining the defense (without grounds) for the rest of the appeal hearing. Preparation work for the first appeal was subject to strain at all times, partly due to my dreadful circumstances which these proceedings had brought about entirely, partly due to Mr. Noam Almaz’ sporadic commitment due to his case overload, and partly due to false allegations that I had breached orders attached to the conviction that was made in my absence. The false allegations made were designed to try to justify the media abuse, to get me sent back to jail for no reason in order to silence me, to employ the police to cause me harassment, alarm and distress of the maximum kind, to cause me dangerous physical vulnerability and inconvenience ( which later lead to serious medical conditions, along with the stress caused)  and to continuously harass and distract myself and Mr. Noam Almaz of Hickman and Rose, in order to disrupt the appeal work. It was extraordinarily vindictive.
This work I did with Noam Almaz during the time he was so helpful still stands, the Courts have not yet seen it. The false allegations that I had breached orders attached to the conviction that was made in my absence in 2007 were eventually thrown out of Court by a District Judge in early September 2008.

Up until Murdoch's criminal NEWS INTERNATIONAL began to be thoroughly exposed with 'dirty hands' ( in Rupert Murdoch's own words), London was lots of talk about action against the police but no action was taken for innocent people unless a solicitor thought it was in his or her own publicity interests.

Please also feel free to contact me about my matter, whatever your interest or information at: at any time.

The outline of the current situation in respect of the libel campaign against me and the legal stuff (click).